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Our company operates within the following core values:

We understand the importance of sustainability in business practices and their  impact on the environment and, as a result, we stay current with the latest market trends. As an importer, we consider it an important factor to partner with manufacturers that also share similar sustainability principals, including the selection of their materials.

Our excellent customer service team works hard to respond to all queries as quickly as possible. You can quickly reach out to us using the contact information provided on our website. All responses are tailored to each customer and their specific needs. Our team is available 24/7 to provide the best possible services, ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

Putting clients first and foremost engenders trust and we ensure that each client is treated individually and according to their specific needs. It is because we work so closely with our clients that we are able to respond to their requests in a speedy manner. Our ability to anticipate market changes is another reason that our customers have confidence in us.

Staying up to date with the latest trends ensures that all of our services suit the current market. Focusing on innovative international developments, we are able to create interest among current clients both in the Dutch or wider European regions.

We take pride in the fact that we remain informed about the latest trends in the market. This means that we can further support our clients by keeping them informed about any changes and possible risks in the market. This customer support means that we can also help them avoid obstacles and show them how to take advantage of new opportunities in the market. Our primary objective is to see our clients thrive.

We offer products suitable for all ages, including children, youths, and adults. We have a range of electric vehicles for children and a large selection of mobility products for both adults and youths.

Interlinex B.V. provides nice affordable products for the e-Mobility industry, a very wide range of e-vehicles like scooters, bikes and choppers. Good warranty conditions and a large stock of parts, sheet metal and batteries. So all in all a real must for the e-Mobility entrepreneur, good products, good prices and very customer friendly.


‘’Very friendly and professional company with fast and honest service. Orders are always delivered as agreed and the delivery time is far expected. We as customers feel appreciated!’’


‘’Interlinex is our supplier of various electric choppers, bicycles and children's toys. We experience the relationship between supplier and customer as pleasant, because they think along and there is an open and honest communication when it comes to stocks and deliveries. If any imperfections are found, they are repaired or rectified almost immediately.’’


Entreprise sérieux, personnel très gentil et très professionnel


‘’It was a very pleasant introduction. We were given an extensive tour with professional explanations regarding what Interlinex stands for and also the products they have on offer. Afterwards very good communication after trading their articles. Very smooth , honest and correct company.’’


‘’I am very satisfied with the service of Interlinex. I don't feel like a number. They help every customer with care. Moreover, they have competitive prices. They also always think along in solutions wherever they can. From day one, I have felt welcome.’’


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    We take pride in the fact that we remain informed about the latest trends in the market. This means that we can further support our clients by keeping them informed about any changes and possible risks in the market


    It is essential to recognise that customer loyalty will be primarily based on your goods inventory. Additionally, the fewer suppliers a customer needs for its products, the tighter and greater the dependency is created. What you want is for clients to depend on you completely. As your wholesalers, we will ensure you never run out of stock so that clients do not have to look elsewhere

    Fast delivery

    In addition to fast delivery, we also guarantee easy pickup. Our team collaborates with clients to set up the most effortless pickup. Our pickups are in locations that are convenient to our clients

    Market leaders

    We take pride in our prominence in the market. We have built a large client base within the Netherlands and Europe in general. Our reputation in the market can be attributed to our vast experience within the sector as well as the extensive network within Europe

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