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Privacy Policy Page

We respect your privacy and are dedicated to ensuring complete compliance from our site with the privacy laws of the Netherlands. This Privacy Policy has been drafted keeping in mind the same and shall primarily pertain to answer the following user questions:

  • What the data is collected from Users when using of our website?
  • What are the various methods that we use to collect data from users
  • What security is used for the data collected from users?
  • We urge all users and people that visit, use or have access to any of our services or are in correspondence with us through electronic mail, messaging carrier and any other forms of digital communications to go through this Privacy Policy to be well informed regarding all questions as specified above.

If there are any changes and deletions to our privacy policies, we will tell the users and individuals related to us in the manner prescribed under this Privacy Policy.

It is vital to understand the phrases used in the Privacy Policy. The following terms are crucial parts of our privacy policies;


Unless stated otherwise, it shall imply and be construed as relating to the Information Technology Act of the Netherlands and its amendments.


A representation of information, knowledge, ideas, or instructions which are being prepared or had been prepared in a formalized manner, and is intended to be processed, is being processed or has been processed on a PC device or laptop computer, and can be in any shape or stored on a laptop.


Any laptop, cellular or other generation device being used to get access to our website through the user.


This is an individual who will be responsible for dealing with any privacy complaints that arise from the user.


This includes information, message, texts, images, audio, voice recordings, computer codes, computer programs, software, and databases or mini movie or PC-generated microfiche.


Act of Parliament or a State Legislation, Ordinances promulgated via the President or a Governor because the case can be made, Regulations made via the President.


A secret word, word, code, passphrase, private key, encryption, or decryption keys that users use to gain admittance or get admission to our platform and information.


Information which by using user(s) may be recognized or contacted such as:

  • His/her gender identifications
  • Address (Residential or in any other case)
  • Occupation
  • Email address
  • Telephone range
  • Education
  • Internet Service Provider information
  • Driver’s Licence / Voters’ ID


Any services or products we deliver to our clients.


Sensitive non-public facts or information of a person, non-public statistics which consist of records regarding.


That the company shall use, accumulate and preserve data and Information of the user(s) and including Personal Identifiable Information and Sensitive Personal Information for the following purposes;

  • To set apart the user(s) and provide the whole website’s offerings to its fullest capability to maximize the benefit of the user(s).
  • To address orders, supply products, process payments, and offer promotions to the user(s).
  • To keep records, data, information and statistics to chart the User’s progress while using the website and further modifications if any required for the purposes to the advantage of the user – website relations.
  • To keep the user(s) regularly updated on any notifications, reports, modifications, developments regarding the Website and the Company.
  • To file any coverage adjustments, newsletters, promotions, and provider offerings that are both furnished or going to be furnished by using the company through the website or any other platform.
  • To enhance the security and protection of services we supply through the Website and the Company to the user(s)
  • Any lawful purposes related to and arising from the working of the Website and the Company and in furtherance of the same.

Interlinex’s policy is to deal with your personal Information with complete  confidentiality. We rent commercially applicable and affordable online and offline safety practices to maintain the security, confidentiality, and integrity of statistics that we gather about you. We keep physical, electronic, and procedural security measures to shield your data. We update and check our technology to improve the safety of our records about you and guarantee the integrity of those records.

We educate our personnel about the importance of confidentiality and client privacy via well-known operating techniques and unique education packages. We take suitable disciplinary measures to put in force employee privacy practices.

Please note, however, that no transmission of facts over the internet is 100% secure. While we take all reasonable measures to defend your personal information, we can not assure that unauthorized 0.33 events will no longer defeat those measures or use non-public personal information for unsuitable functions. We are not accountable for circumventing any privacy settings or security features contained at the site or for moves of 0.33 events. Your data’s safety and security also depends on you and your passwords and safety precautions. Also, please don’t forget to log off your account and close your browser window when you are done. This is to ensure that others cannot get entry to your account, particularly if you are sharing a computer or laptop with anyone else or are using a computer in a public place. All Internet customers need to take care with how they deal with and disclose their non-public records.


We also authorize the following third-party use of your data on our website:


Cookies are small text-based files placed on the user’s device to enhance the website’s personalization. We use cookies not to store your personal information but rather to ease access to the website and smoothen out the use over time.


Web Beacons are regularly transparent photographs that might be placed to display the user’s behaviour (s) journeying and using the website and are routinely used in aggregate with cookies.


Google Analytics is a web-based website that offers tools and services to analyze data and improve the website’s performance.


We host and partake in the process of hosting certain third-party advertisements and links. However, the user must note that such third parties are in no manner associated with the Website or the Company and that the user(s) must click on such advertisements/links of their own accord, risk, and understanding.


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