Children and youth
Children and Youth.

We also provide outdoor children’s toys that encourage kids to play outdoors, stay away from screens, and interact with each other. Some of the children’s and youth’s products we distribute include:

Lamborghini Sian

Any child aged between 3 and 8 years old would be delighted to ride this Lamborghini Sian.

This Lamborghini Sian is a child’s ride-on car, and has a voltage of 12V and a top speed of 3 miles per hour.  This car has opening butterfly doors, reverse gears, a leather seat and rose gold “alloys”. To top it off, this attractive ride-on car is powered by 2 x 25W motors.

And the parents benefit from the added reassurance of a remote control console.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

The Mercedes Benz Actros is an incredible 24V child ride-in lorry. 

As well as having 4 x 35W motors, this Mercedes Benz Actros ride-in lorry has a big comfortable leather seat and a fully enclosed cab. It also has both forward and reverse gears, and its equipped with a seatbelt.

The Mercedes Benz Actros has a tough chassis and a responsive pedal and steering wheel control combination. Any child with an interest in lorries would be delighted with this ride-on.

Mercedes-Benz Actros kids ride on car
kids jeep willys ride on car
Jeep Willys

This 4×4 jeep is a 3-seater ride-on car.  Powered by 12V, the engine is powered by 4x45W motors. This child’s ride-on car has an automatic gearbox and has 3 different speed modes. This ride-on car is suitable for children aged between 3 and 8 years old. Maximum speed is 3-5km/h and parents can enforce an emergency brake with the remote control.

Mercedes-Benz GLC63s AMG

The Mercedes AMG GLC63s Coupé 24V ride-on child’s car is almost as beautiful as the real life version for adults!

This attractive Mercedes GLC is a child’s dream ride-on car. It has opening doors, a realistic looking dashboard with gear stick and it is also equipped with seatbelt.

What’s more, the Mercedes GLC’s 4 x 35W motor capacity and a top speed of 5km/h make it a very desirable child’s ride-on car. And with both USB and MP3 connectivity, there is even parental control provided through bluetooth technology.

Mercedes-Benz GLC63 coupe kids ride on car
Lamborghini Urus kids ride on car
Lamborghini Urus

The beach cruiser is great for use at the beach or on sandy ground. It is built with aluminum and features one of the strongest designs and constructions. It can reach a maximum speed of 30KM/H and can cover up to 80 KM. It comes with a lithium ion battery with an input voltage of between AC 140- 220 volt. The beach cruiser comes in several colors; sky blue, army green, snow white, aged bronze, yellow, and bronze.

Mercedes-Benz go-kart

The Mercedes-Benz go-kart is a kid’s pedal go-kart. Authenticity is guaranteed with the Mercedes licensing. All children (aged 3 to 8) will adore this Mercedes-Benz go-kart because it has integrated preset music, a soft, single, adjustable seat, and official Mercedes stickers and banners.

Mercedes-Benz go kart kids ride on car
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