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Since pre-industrial times, the Earth’s average temperatures have risen by more than 1°C. If we want a safer and better planet for our children, we need to be the agents of change. As the world grapples with high pollution levels and finds itself in a bind with greenhouse emissions, we at Interlinex want to be at the forefront of the environmental movement.

Interlinex believes that the future of transportation lies in electric vehicles. We want to introduce e-mobility to the adults and children of the Netherlands and Europe at large. As such, we import and distribute products ranging from motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, and cars, all running on electricity, with more in the pipeline.

Orders will ship out from our spacious 6,200 square meter warehouse facility, which houses e-mobility vehicles of prominent brands. To assure fast delivery, we employ various methods of shipment. Interlinex is a B2B distributor that boasts competitive prices, which allows for a comfortable reselling margin. Unlike other establishments, we do not enforce a minimum order requirement. Therefore, companies, large and small, are able to depend on us as a long-term partner. We understand that the growth of the industry will only benefit everyone.

With e-mobility being the fast-changing sector it is, we want to keep our clients in the know. This is why we’re at the conventions, fairs, showrooms, and anywhere else we can gain knowledge about what’s to come. We’ll also work with you to bring your ideas to life by drawing up exclusive agreements to import goods on your behalf.

Interlinex prides itself on strict company values. All of our staff practice accountability and honesty. We put our customers front and center. We’re passionate about continuous improvement and learning, as this is how we’ll be Europe’s number one importer of quality e-mobility products.

Our core values are:

We pay close attention to the environment and work with sustainable raw materials.

We work hard to keep abreast of the latest trends in the market and provide our clients with the best products and services.


We work to ensure that our services and products are always of the highest quality and according to the latest trends in the market. We also take customer feedback seriously and improve on any areas of concern. 

Our customer service and communication are of the highest standard. Our goal is to retain clients and build long-lasting relationships through communication and high quality service.

Our company also takes pride in our knowledge and position in the market. Our expertise helps us to deliver the best products for our clients and stay current. 


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